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Escort Service


The photos of our ladies are taken by our partner photographers. You can assume that our ladies really look like they do in the photos. In addition, we offer regular customers the opportunity to view an unedited, private photo of the ladies.

Exclusive Escorts

Here you will find the crème de la crème. These ladies work exclusively for our agency and can only be booked with us. So you can be sure to meet the girl next door who only does escort as a hobby.
The fees of our exclusive ladies are therefore also somewhat higher than those of the passionate escorts.

Passionate Escorts

Here you will find passionate ladies from the escort business who love escort so much that they can't keep their hands off it. So that these ladies can pursue their passion to the extent they want, they are listed with several agencies. Therefore, their fees are somewhat lower than those of our exclusive escorts.

Dates & Availability

If you want to meet your desired lady and experience an unforgettable date with her, we advise you to inform us with sufficient lead time. It is quite simple, the earlier you inquire, the more certain your chosen one will be available. All you have to do is put yourself in your lady's shoes a little. She must coordinate her secret hobby with her everyday life (studies, job) and have a conclusive alibi ready for friends and relatives.
Of course, you will also benefit from a date planned well in advance by being pampered by a perfectly styled, fragrant and rested lady.


Please tell us openly about the service you want before you book.
Each lady has informed us on a questionnaire what she normally offers and we can make recommendations accordingly.
However, all our ladies are individuals acting on their own responsibility and their service depends on their sympathy for you.
Please understand that no ladies are coerced or persuaded to offer something they do not feel comfortable with.

Booking procedure

If possible, your booking request should be made in writing by filling out our booking form or by sending us an email or text message. This way we can work optimally in advance and find the right lady according to your wishes or request your desired lady. We will then contact you to discuss all details and confirm your date.
If you are in a hurry, we are of course also available by phone at 0157/52704541. Please note our opening hours from 9.00-19.00.


In case of a longer journey of the lady or bookings abroad, a deposit of 33% is due. This is also the case if you book with us for the first time.

Bank details

We will be happy to send you our bank details by email.

Cash payment

If you do not have to pay a deposit, you can also give the lady the fee in an unsealed envelope at the beginning of the date.
Please avoid that the lady has to ask you about her gift. This would be an unnecessarily embarrassing situation for both parties.


As we want to constantly improve our customer service, we rely on your honest feedback. We would simply like to know whether you were satisfied with our advice and whether we have met your taste with regard to the choice of ladies. Therefore, we have provided a feedback form on the lady's profile. You can decide whether your feedback should be published in the lady's profile, only forwarded to the agency (the lady will not find out about it) or forwarded to the agency and the lady.
We would also be particularly pleased if you rate us or our models on the portals Mc Escort or Captain 69.

Security check

Please give us your correct name (first and last name) so that we can call you shortly before your rendezvous in your hotel room. If this is not the case, we regret that your date cannot take place.


Of course, we treat your data absolutely confidentially. Our escorts will never be given your telephone number or email address.
Just like you, our ladies want complete discretion. It is not desired that you ask the lady for her personal telephone number or email address or hand over your own business card. This would put the lady in an unpleasant situation, as she has chosen to be represented by an agency and herself as well. This would also mean that her own discretion would no longer be respected, because continuous text messages at all hours are certainly not as easy to conceal from a wife as a discreet booking through our agency. Should we nevertheless learn of a violation of this rule, we will unfortunately be forced to separate from you as a customer and from the escort lady.

Cancellation of your booking

Please inform our agency as soon as possible if you have to cancel a planned date. If the lady has already set off, additional cancellation fees in the amount of the laid out travel costs will apply. We can either offset any deposits you have already made against a subsequent booking or refund them to you.

Break off her date

If you do not like the lady you have booked and would like to cancel the date, we ask you to at least hand over the travel costs to the lady. Please inform us by telephone about the cancellation and your reasons for it. We will find a solution together.