• Age
  • Size
    179 cm
  • Weight
    61 kg
  • Dimensions
  • Bra size
    75 E/F
  • Breasts
  • Confection
  • Eye colour
  • Hair colour
    medium blond
  • Hair length
  • Nationality
  • Conversation
    German (mother tongue), English (fluent), French (good)
  • Cuisine
    fresh, light cuisine with a beautiful ambience and look is also a pleasure for me
  • Drinks
    Sour or bitter cocktails, water, natural teas, dry wines, champagne or similar.
  • Coat rack
    classic, elegant or sporty
  • Perfume
    authentic, natural, not too intrusive and too sweet, yet a touch special
  • Interests
    Travel, dancing, education, reading, sports, nature, creative cooking, social time
  • Occupation
    Researcher in the field of philosophy, psychology, economics, health
  • Smoking
  • Tattoos
  • Travel availability
  • Covid-19 vaccination
    Fully vaccinated
69Anal/Greek Love (Passive)
Anal massage (passive)Deep Throat
Erotic massagesFoot Erotic / Foot Fetish
Body inseminationOral sex
Outdoor SexProstate massage
Role playsSex in different positions
French kissing 


 1.5 hours1200 €
 2 hours1200 €
 3 hours1200 €
 4 hours1500 €
5 hours1800 €
6 hours2100 €
 1 night ( up to 12 hrs.)3000 €
 1 night ( up to 15 hrs.)3800 €
1 night ( up to 18 hrs.)4500 €
1 day ( up to 24 hrs.)6000 €
2 days ( up to 48 hrs.)10.500 €
 3 days12.000 €
 4 days13.000 €
 5 days14.000 €
 6 days16.000 €
Regensburg, August 2021
Dear Adriana, Giovanna drove a little over 1 hour ago and I am blown away. It was wonderful. Simply dreamlike. Giovanna and the time with her simply overwhelming. As sexy as in the pictures; unbelievable but true. Also as intelligent and uncomplicated as you would wish for a woman. But at the same time passionate and tender. Even with hidden qualities that you wouldn't expect. I wished for a dream date, but I got much more than that. After getting to know Giovanna, my expectations of a high-class escort date have risen significantly. But Giovanna might just be in a class of her own. I am still totally blown away and can't believe how lucky I was to meet this stunning woman and great personality. Thank you so much Adriana for making these wonderful hours possible. If my luck doesn't run out elsewhere, I will want to meet her again as soon as possible. many love greetings
Munich, January 2022
Dear Adriana, Looking back, I can honestly say that the meeting with Giovanna was really phenomenal! Firstly, the whole organisation of the meeting was excellent and secondly, Giovanna is a very impressive woman. The time with her was incredibly good and will become a very special memory. I will be very happy to contact you again to request a meeting with Giovanna as soon as I am back in Munich. Thank you very much!


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